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Computational Biological Chemistry

FWF P29146: Ion-Aggregation of Chiral Ionic Liquids and its Impact for Asymmetric Synthesis

principal investigatorChristian Schröder
funding period11/2016 -
project sum115 k €


During the last years, ionic liquids have been established as new reaction media for chemical reactions and separation techniques. The combination of a constantly growing number of possible cations and anions permits the creation of tailor-made ionic liquids, including chiral species. However, despite the rapid growth of numbers of papers dealing with chiral ionic liquids successful applications remained hidden for some time, indicating that the structural organization inherent to ionic liquids and its potential for chirality transfer between ions has only been sparely exploited. This proposal focuses on the design of chiral ionic liquids composed of coordinating cations with C-2 symmetric and structurally flexible anions and utilizes the aggregation and organization in ionic liquids for chirality transfer towards the development of ion-paired ligands for asymmetric catalysis.
Imprint: (as stipulated by austrian law, MedienG 2005): O. Steinhauser / S. Boresch,
Institut für Computergestützte Biologische Chemie, Währinger Strasse 17, 1090 Wien, Austria