Department of

Computational Biological Chemistry


Students in "Molecular Biology" and "Computational Science" may ask their Studienservicecenter for the acceptance of our lectures/exercises as "Fachverbreiterung und Ergänzungstudien".

Bachelor thesis

You are very welcome to join our team for your exciting Bachelor thesis (bachelor laboratory course D).
Prerequisites are positive evaluations in:
  • VO Theoretical Chemistry
  • UE Theoretical Chemistry
  • VO+UE Molecular Spectroscopy
The topic of your Bachelor thesis deals with our current research projects. We offer
  • an enthusiatic team in familiar atmosphere
  • professional supervision
  • introduction in writing scientific publications in LaTeX
  • the Bachelor thesis may be written in German or English
  • any starting date you want
  • no waiting list
Please visit us for further information.

Guided Research in Computational Biological Chemistry

Our current research excels the knowledge taught in the mandatory lectures. Therefore, positive evaluations in
  • Computer graphics and molecular modelling and/or
  • Computer simulations of biomolecules
are a prerequisite to perform an interesting research project at our institute. This may also result in a co-authorship of a scientific publication.

Master thesis

Please visit us for a Guided Research project first.

PhD thesis

  • Two PhD positions are available. Please check here for further information.

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